LECOM (Lead Extraction COMplexity): a new calculator for prediction of a difficult procedure

Wojciech Jacheć (1), Dorota Nowosielecka (2,3), Bettina Ziaja (4), Anna Polewczyk (5), Andrzej Kutarski (6)

(1) 2nd Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice Poland, (2) Department of Cardiology The Pope John Paul II Province Hospital of Zamość Poland, (3) Institute of Humanities and Medicine, State School of Higher Education, Zamość, Poland, (4) Department of Cardiology, Specialist Hospital in Zabrze, Poland, (5) The Jan Kochanowski University, Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kielce, Poland, (6) Dept of Cardiology, Medical University of Lublin Poland.

Probability of TLE complexity using LECOM score

Predictors of the risk of difficulties during TLE procedure Value
1. Patient age during TLE (Years)
2. Patient age at first CIED implantation (Years)
3. Age of oldest lead to be removed (Years)
4. Age of oldest lead to be removed / patient age during TLE (Years)
5. Number of leads to be extracted
6. Number of abandoned leads to be extracted
7. Number of previous CIED-related procedures (including implantation)
8. Passive fixation leads to be extracted (except LV leads)

The sum of points indicating lead extraction complexity

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Probability of difficulties during TLE

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Probability of lead extraction complexity

Sum of Points 0.00 - 6,435 6,436 - 9,697 9,698 - 14,210 > 14,210
probability (%) 0,00% - 10,00% 10,01% - 21,83% 21.84% - 50,00% > 50,00%
RISK SCORE Low probability Moderate probability High probability Very High probability